Android Phones

The Grain Market Mobile App will run on most smart phones running the Android operating systems.

Because phones running Android are not identical, some of the functionality on your phone may be different from what we describe here.  If you are having problems, please contact us.


Open Google or the web browser and type in

(DO NOT put “www” in front).

The login screen should appear after the App loads (this may take a little while the first time).

Enter your email address as your Username and the password you use to access the Web Portal, accept terms and conditions and Login.

You should Add a Bookmark for the App to your home screen so you can quickly access it whenever you want.

Some Phones have the ability to add a bookmark to the right of the address bar.

For others, you will need to access the menu system.

Some phones allow you to add your bookmark straight to the home screen.


With others, you will have to go to your home screen and add a shortcut to the bookmark.


If you have any problems, please contact us.


PLEASE NOTE: Some older phones or phones running Android version earlier than 2.3 may have some difficulties retrieving prices.  Updating your phone software may resolve this problem but if it doesn’t, please contact us and we will try and find a workaround.