GIWA Crop Report

9th Jun 2017

  • GIWA updated their crop area estimates for the 2017 season.

  • WA is expected to plant 7.95m ha; down 0.4% from the May report.

  • Area estimates for June vs. May:

    • Wheat: 4.88m ha, down 0.4%.

    • Barley: 1.29m ha, up 0.5%.

    • Canola: 1.19m ha, down 0.4%.

    • Oats: 0.21m ha, down 3.7%.

    • Lupins: 0.35m ha, down 0.6%.

    • Field Pea: 0.031m ha, unchanged.

CBH/Plum Grove Managed Pool

31st May 2017

  • CBH and Plum Grove will offer a Managed Pool product for the 2017-18 season.

  • Contracting period is 6-16th June.

  • Hedging period guidelines: 35% by September, 65% by December and 90% by March.

  • The pool finalisation date is May 2018.

  • The cost of this pool is 3.25% (FOB).

GIWA Crop Report

15th May 2017

  • GIWA updated their crop area estimates for the 2017 season.

  • WA expected to plant 7.98m ha; up 5.3% from the April report.

  • Oat plantings saw a large reduction in forecast hectares, down 17% from last month.

  • Area estimates for May:

    • Wheat: 4.9m ha, up 10%.

    • Barley: 1.28m ha, up 0.9%.

    • Canola: 1.2m ha, down 1%.

    • Oats: 0.22m ha, down 16%.

    • Lupins: 0.35m ha, down 1.5%.

    • Field Pea: 0.031m ha, up 0.6%.

Flinders Barley

27th Apr 2017

  • CBH has raised concerns over the varietal purity of Flinders.

  • If you are growing, or about to seed Flinders, please refer to the important information released by CBH, or discuss with Intergrain.

Emerald Payment Terms

26th Apr 2017

  • Emerald have changed their payment terms from 7 days end of week to 7 days from the date of transfer.

  • This will come into effect from the 1st of May 2017 and applies to all new and existing contracts.

  • Any growers with 2017/18 cash contracts will have their payment terms updated to 7 days from the day of grain transfer.

GIWA: Trifluralin on Oats

13th Apr 2017

  • The Grain Industry Association of Western Australia Oat Council has announced they have secured a permit for the use of Treflan 480 Herbicide, plus other registered products containing trifluralin as their only active constituent for pre-emergent herbicides on oats.

  • The permit extends from the 4th of April 2017 to the 31st of March 2022.

  • More information can be found on the GIWA website.

GIWA Final Production Estimates for 2016

13th Feb 2017

  • 18.2mmt total grain production for WA.

  • This was 23% higher than the 2015 harvest.

  • Wheat 10.17mmt (up 10% on last year).

  • Barley 4.17mmt (up 35%).

  • Canola 2.15mmt (up 39%).

  • Oats 0.93mmt (up 80%).

  • Lupins 0.71mmt (up 58%).

  • Peas 0.004mmt (up 3%).

GIWA Noodle Wheat Update

13th Feb 2017

  • In response to concerns of lower protein wheat in WA in 2016, the following will be implemented for this season only;

  • Minimum noodle wheat protein blend has been lowered to 9.7% (previously was 10%).

  • APW1 has been included as an allowable grade in the noodle wheat blend.

  • MAFF resumed the noodle wheat tender this month.

WA Harvest

7th Feb 2017

  • The 2016-17 harvest saw a record 16.62mmt of grain delivered to the CBH network.

  • CBH managed to ship a record 1.88mmt during the month of January.

  • Full shipping stem details for upcoming shipments are available on the CBH website.

  • This tonnage does not include retained seed on-farm, grain delivered to end users, or grain delivered into the Bunge system.

Deferred Contracting Options

7th Feb 2017

  • Deferred 16/17 contract options are available with CBH paying premiums for July payment.

  • The deferred July premium for barley has been reduced from $3/t to $1/t.

  • CBH will pay a $3/t premium for wheat and $2/t for oats and lupins.

Quality Optimisation Dates

11th Jan 2017

  • The cut off dates for quality optimisation for the 16-17 season are approaching.

  • QO closes in Esperance and Geraldton on Friday the 13th January.

  • Albany and Kwinana QO close on Friday 20th January.

  • Ensure all grain has been optimised before these dates.


15th Nov 2016

  • CBH are now pricing a BFED3 cash price.

  • The BFED3 price is currently at a -$30 spread to CBHs BFED1. Eg. Kwi is at $163.

  • As with any price item, you can add BFED3 to you portal/app.


9th Nov 2016

  • Australian Grain Export Pty Ltd, or AGE, has started posting prices for wheat today in the Kwinana, Albany and Esperance port zones.

  • AGE is based out of South Australia and has been trading grain out of SA since the mid 1990s.

  • They had one shipping slot in WA last season.

  • AGE is expected to have 12-14 days end of week payment terms.

GIWA Crop Report

7th Nov 2016

  • GIWA released their Crop Report for November.

  • Forecast grain production in WA was reduced by 11% to 15mmt from last month.

  • Barley production downgraded the most (-16%), while wheat was down 13%.

  • Estimates for this year in mmt (last year in brackets):

    • Wheat: 9mmt (9.2)

    • Barley: 2.7mmt (3.1)

    • Canola: 1.7mmt (1.5)

    • Oats: 0.76mmt (0.51)

    • Lupins: 0.72mmt (0.45)

    • Field peas: 0.042mmt (0.035)

First Direct to Vessel (DTV) Closes

26th Oct 2016

  • The first Direct to Vessel (DTV) opportunity of the season closed yesterday afternoon.

  • The opportunity was for GM Canola (CAG1) delivered to Geraldton port.

  • A rebate of $3.80/t is available to growers and merchants will receive $3.50/t.

  • There are currently four other DTV opportunities across Esperance and Geraldton ports.