GIWA WA Crop Update

13th Oct 2017

GIWA updated their estimates for the WA crop today.

Total production of all grains was increased to 11.53mt (vs. 10.26mmt last month).

Port zone estimates for production (not deliveries) are:

  • Kwi 4.95mmt

  • Alb 2.95mmt

  • Esp 2.43mmt

  • Ger 1.20mmt

Estimates by commodity are:

  • Wheat 6.31mmt

  • Barley 3.04mmt

  • Canola 1.26mmt

  • Oats 0.48mmt

  • Lupins 0.38mmt

  • Peas 0.045mmt

Riverina and Agrex Merger

12th Oct 2017

  • Agrex has reverted to their previous trading name Riverina.

  • The official business name is Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd.

  • The head office will be in Brisbane and the Perth office will remain operative.

  • The merge transaction is expected to be completed in late October.

  • Riverina expect to release bids to the market in late October.

Spartacus Update

5th Oct 2017

  • CBH will be offering limited segregations for Spartacus barley in Kwinana zone only for this harvest.

  • Sites include MGC, Cunderdin, Yealering and Merredin.

  • The segregations will have MALT1 receival standards.

  • Spartacus is still undergoing malt accreditation with Barley Australia with a final decision expected in March 2018.

  • These limited segregations will help with market development and commercial trials.

CBH Rebates

3rd Oct 2017

  • Individual rebate balance summaries are now available on Loadnet.

  • Under the Financial tab, you have the option to choose the fees that you wish to have your total rebate value offset against: (a) Receival Fees (b) Freight Fees (c) Storage Fees (d) Warehouse Outturn Fees.

  • You can choose multiple fees, but you cannot choose an order of preference.

  • All rebate offsets will default to the receival fees.


12th Sep 2017

  • ABARES have revised their Australian crop estimates.

  • Production expected to be significantly lower in 2017, following a drop in average yields from the record 2016 season.

  • Total winter crop production is expected to decrease by 39% to 36.3mmt, this is 2% above the 10 year average.

  • Wheat: 21.6mmt (down 38%) and compares to USDA 23.5mmt.

  • The wheat crop, if realised, would be the smallest in a decade.

  • Wheat by state (mmt): WA 7.08, NSW 6.34, SA 3.77, Vic 3.55, Qld 0.9.

  • Barley: 8mmt (down 40%)

  • Canola: 2.8mmt (down 33%)

  • Oat: 1mmt (down 45%)

  • Chickpea: 1.2mmt (down 36%)

GIWA September Update

8th Sep 2017

  • GIWA updated their 2017 crop production estimates today.

  • WA is expected to produce 10.3mmt of grain this season, up 0.9% from August.

  • This compares to 18.2mmt in 2016.

  • Production estimates for this year in mmt (last year in brackets):

    • Wheat: 5.6mmt (10.2)

    • Barley: 2.7mmt (4.2)

    • Canola: 1.2mmt (2.1)

    • Oats: 0.44mmt (0.93)

    • Lupins: 0.33mmt (0.71)

    • Field Pea: 0.043mmt (0.04)

GIWA Aug Update

11th Aug 2017

  • GIWA released their 2017 crop production estimates.

  • WA is expected to produce 10.2mmt of grain this season, down from 18.2mmt in 2016.

  • Production estimates for this year in mmt (last year in brackets):

    • Wheat: 5.5mmt (10.2)

    • Barley: 2.7mmt (4.2)

    • Canola: 1.2mmt (2.1)

    • Oats: 0.44mmt (0.93)

    • Lupins: 0.31mmt (0.71)

    • Field Pea: 0.043mmt (0.04)

APW2 Segregations in CBH

13th Jul 2017

  • CBH Operations will continue to segregate APW2 in 2017-18, but there are likely to be fewer APW2 receival services compared to previous years.

  • Segregation locations will be confirmed closer to harvest.

  • The transition to the use of APW1 as the main APW grade is still being discussed.

GIWA Crop Report July

7th Jul 2017

GIWA (Grain Industry Assoc. of WA) released their July report today:

  • WA total crop production estimate of 10-12mmt.

  • Estimate 30% of Geraldton zone will not be harvested.

  • Estimate 10% of north and eastern Kwinana zone will not be harvested.

  • Ger zone planted area at 1.139m ha; of which 831,000ha is cereals.

  • Total WA area planted is 7.8m ha.

  • The most significant change in planted area estimates from last month is Lupins; down 5%.

GIWA Crop Report

9th Jun 2017

  • GIWA updated their crop area estimates for the 2017 season.

  • WA is expected to plant 7.95m ha; down 0.4% from the May report.

  • Area estimates for June vs. May:

    • Wheat: 4.88m ha, down 0.4%.

    • Barley: 1.29m ha, up 0.5%.

    • Canola: 1.19m ha, down 0.4%.

    • Oats: 0.21m ha, down 3.7%.

    • Lupins: 0.35m ha, down 0.6%.

    • Field Pea: 0.031m ha, unchanged.

CBH/Plum Grove Managed Pool

31st May 2017

  • CBH and Plum Grove will offer a Managed Pool product for the 2017-18 season.

  • Contracting period is 6-16th June.

  • Hedging period guidelines: 35% by September, 65% by December and 90% by March.

  • The pool finalisation date is May 2018.

  • The cost of this pool is 3.25% (FOB).

GIWA Crop Report

15th May 2017

  • GIWA updated their crop area estimates for the 2017 season.

  • WA expected to plant 7.98m ha; up 5.3% from the April report.

  • Oat plantings saw a large reduction in forecast hectares, down 17% from last month.

  • Area estimates for May:

    • Wheat: 4.9m ha, up 10%.

    • Barley: 1.28m ha, up 0.9%.

    • Canola: 1.2m ha, down 1%.

    • Oats: 0.22m ha, down 16%.

    • Lupins: 0.35m ha, down 1.5%.

    • Field Pea: 0.031m ha, up 0.6%.

Flinders Barley

27th Apr 2017

  • CBH has raised concerns over the varietal purity of Flinders.

  • If you are growing, or about to seed Flinders, please refer to the important information released by CBH, or discuss with Intergrain.

Emerald Payment Terms

26th Apr 2017

  • Emerald have changed their payment terms from 7 days end of week to 7 days from the date of transfer.

  • This will come into effect from the 1st of May 2017 and applies to all new and existing contracts.

  • Any growers with 2017/18 cash contracts will have their payment terms updated to 7 days from the day of grain transfer.

GIWA: Trifluralin on Oats

13th Apr 2017

  • The Grain Industry Association of Western Australia Oat Council has announced they have secured a permit for the use of Treflan 480 Herbicide, plus other registered products containing trifluralin as their only active constituent for pre-emergent herbicides on oats.

  • The permit extends from the 4th of April 2017 to the 31st of March 2022.

  • More information can be found on the GIWA website.