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FX Spot USD Cur 0.7439 0.7435
Alb 17 W Alb APW1 FIS 262 262 -
Kwi 17 W Kwi APW1 FIS 265 265 -
Kwi 17 C Kwi CAN1 FIS 542 542 -
Kwi 17 L Kwi LUP1 FIS 285 285 -
Ger 17 C Ger CAG1 FIS 511 512
Kwi 17 C Kwi CAG1 FIS 511 512
Esp 17 B Esp BFED1 FIS 220 220 -
Kwi 17 B Kwi BFED1 FIS 220 220 -
Kwi 17 B Kwi SCOP1 FIS 250 250 -
Alb 17 B Alb LATR1 FIS 250 250 -
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GIWA May Crop Report

14th May 2018

  • GIWA updated crop area estimates for the 2018 season.

  • WA is expected to plant 8.26m ha; down 1.1% from the April report.

  • Area estimates for May (% change from April in brackets):

    • Wheat: 4.85m ha (2.1%)

    • Barley: 1.53m ha (6.2%)

    • Canola: 1.2m ha (-15.2%)

    • Oats: 0.29m ha (-9.4%)

    • Lupins: 0.36m ha (-10%)

    • Pulses: 0.034m ha (0%)

GIWA Crop Report

16th Apr 2018

  • GIWA released crop area estimates for the 2018 season.

  • WA is expected to plant 8.36m ha; up from the 2017 area estimate of 7.83m ha.

  • Area estimates for April (previous 2017 published estimates in brackets):

    • Wheat: 4.75m ha (4.74)

    • Barley: 1.44m ha (1.32)

    • Canola: 1.42m ha (1.19)

    • Oats: 0.32m ha (0.21)

    • Lupins: 0.4m ha (0.33)

    • Pulses: 0.034m ha (0.031)

GIWA Oat Accreditation Update

19th Mar 2018

  • Commercial milling trials on the oat variety Durack has resulted in it being accredited as OAT2 only. Durack did not meet industry standard for β-glucan content.
  • The new oat variety, Kowari, met all physical and nutritional specifications on its commercial milling trial and has been accepted into OAT1 milling classification in WA.
  • Based on Kowari agronomic performance in trials, it is not expected to compete with high yielding varieties Bannister or Williams.

WA Malt Barley Recommendations

8th Mar 2018

  • GIWA released malting barley variety recommendations for the 2018/19 harvest.

  • Bass, La Trobe and Scope will continue to be the main malt varieties.

  • Flinders is gaining traction with international customers; demand is expected to grow as volume grows.

  • There will be limited harvest segregations for Baudin in the Esperance port zone. Baudin growers in Kwinana and Albany should discuss contracting opportunities with their preferred acquirer before seeding.

  • Hindmarsh has been removed from the list of segregated varieties and will be delivered into feed stacks during the 2018/19 harvest. As a result, demand for La Trobe in the shochu market in Japan is expected to increase as no other varieties except Baudin are accepted into that market.

Spartacus and Compass Malting Barley Accreditation

2nd Mar 2018

  • Barley Australia has announced the malting accreditation of Spartacus and Compass barley varieties.

  • It is too early to know Spartacus segregation requirements for the 2018/19 harvest. Compass segregations for the 2018/19 harvest are unlikely as uptake of the variety in WA to date has been limited.

  • RGT Planet and IGB1305 have made stage 2 accreditation, with final consideration to be made in Feb 2019.